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is an easy tool and an efficient way to get fast detailed knowledge about design optimization for small scale process heating i.e. below 10 MW for industrial applications with special focus on utilization of process heating waste heat (heat recovery features) - and to get in contact with leading manufacturer providing equipment for this !

Today both the environmental and the economical issues are important parameters when designing the units and the systems. Heat recovery offers both substantial saving in operating costs due to the taxes of CO2 quotas and price for oil and gas in general.

Process heating becomes business, when focusing on the costs of energy :

Recent studies of European companies, using process heating in their production, - show that they in average are able to increase their net result (EBITDA) up to 50%, by reducing  the energy costs in their process heating system by 10% only.

s details about design of vital parts of the process heating systems i.e. heaters, boilers, heat exchangers and heat recovery facilities - and the total heating systems in which they are part of.


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