Electric Steam Boilers             

Small & Medium-size Electric Boilers for Saturated Steam


Steam can be produced in many ways - in different designs and also using heat (energy) sources.

For many years the use of electricity for heating was almost abandoned in many countries, since electricity was limited and very expensive - being mainly produced by power plants using coal, oil or gas as energy source.

Today electricity in Europe is widely produced on bio power, wind power, hydro power, hydro wave power, solar power and nuclear power. All these energy forms make it possible to produce electricity without emission of CO2.

These energy sources are all sustainable (environmental) and non-polluting types of energy.

In Europe for instance, the electricity is today a commodity  that is being distributed and traded throughout the market, independing on the location and type of power plant where it is produced.

Depending on how the sun shines, the winds blow and water flows, you get electricity at corresponding prices, and these have actually dropped significantly during the last few years.

So this environmental type of electricity is developing rapidly in Europe.

That gives 3 important advantages for the consumers :

1)  The environmental argument off course. We are both consumers, and inhabitants / creatures of mother Earth. Sustainability is a key word for most people.

2) Competition on producing and distribution of electricity has become very tough. It means that prices are often very low and sometimes you even get the electricity for free !

3) This environmental type of electricity is produced locally. You are less dependent on the attitude/mood of different oil and gas suppliers, fatal political pressure and blood money.


All this gives a huge advantage for all kind of electrical  consumption including electric process heating.

A new era has begun - also for steam boilers. Today electric steam boilers are often preferred over steam boilers fired with different kind of fossil fuel.

Nevertheless there are still huge challenges, and they are mainly related to rapid inceasing demand for electricity. The network needs to be developed significantly. Today it is absolutely insufficient in general. Often it is impossible to have the same steam capacity by electricity as you get using an gas-fired boiler. 1.500 kg/h of steam is a small gas-fired steam boiler, but electrically heated it means for instance an electrical installation of 2.000 A @ 3 x 400V.

Therefore we are now in a phase where we see combinations of both an electric boiler and an oil/gas-fired boiler installed next to each other. The electric boiler often operates for instance when the prices and the demand is low.

In this perspective modular electric steam boiler solution are being introduced on the market for the above hybrid solution.

More concrete litterature avaiable here :

Detailed Technical Data (AB&CO Heaters & Boilers)

Advantages using electricity over fossil fuels :

  • Small investments - Commercial types

  • Small total life time costs - Industrial types

  • Easy and fast to install

  • CO2 neutral when choosing the environmental electricity source

  • Utilizing low tariff electricity (off-hours/ nights) 

  • No emission or risk of pollution

  • No chimney or flue gas piping and maintenance

  • No maintenance of fuel supply line, oil tank, gas-installation etc.

  • No fuel oil administration

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