Electric Steam Boilers             

Small & Medium-size Electric Boilers for Saturated Steam


Steam can be produced in many ways - different designs and also heat sources.

For many years the use of electricity for heating was almost abandoned in many countries, since electricity was expensive - being expensively produced at power plants using coal, oil or gas as energy source.

Today electricity is widely produced on bio power, wind power, hydro power, hydro wave power, solar power and nuclear power. All these energy forms produce electricity without emission of CO2. Except for nuclear power all these they are also climate neutral (they dissipate the same energy as they absorb) and they are environmental and non-polluting.

Electricity is a commodity  that is being distributed and traded on the market un-depending on which power plant it is produced.

You buy expensive wind power or cheap power from coal or heavy fuel oil power plants no matter where you consume it.

Like many other electric heated units, the electric steam boilers has experienced a new era - being economical!

The electric steam boilers still have some advantages, which is listed below - and together with the new environmental argument, this steam boilers is now very often preferred against the gas- and oil-fired steam boilers.

Often both an electric boiler and a oil/gas-fired boiler is installed next to each other. The electric boiler operates in the night-time where electricity is cheap, and the oil/gas-fired operates in the day-times.

Some advantages when using electricity instead of fuel :

  • Small investments - Commercial types

  • Small total life time costs - Industrial types

  • Easy and fast to install

  • CO2 neutral when choosing the environmental electricity source

  • Utilizing low tariff electricity (off-hours/ nights) 

  • No emission or risk of pollution

  • No chimney or flue gas piping and maintenance

  • No maintenance of fuel supply line, oil tank, gas-installation etc.

  • No fuel oil administration

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