Waste Heat Recovery         

Utilization of Waste Heat within Process Heating

  • Feasible industrial heat recovery

  • CO2 reduction in large scale

  • Optimal choice of energy source

  • Environmental Process Heating


Process heating systems for the industry are characterised by involving large installation and thus also large investments. Consequently large amount of energy is consumed and large amount of waster heat and CO2 is dissipated to the environment. These industrial heating systems often operate with very high temperatures and pressures, and therefore they are subject to quite expensive maintenance (expensive parts and skilled specialised personal). Together with the annual costs for the return of investment, the process heating systems involves considerable annual costs.


It is important to those companies that have a production consuming large amount of energy for process heating, - that optimal decisions are taken when it comes to optimising the system. New techniques claiming having better solutions, news details on known equipment, price and supply considerations (cost/benefit) all this is quite difficult for the company to be up-to-date on.

Example of services is calculation of heat recovery systems and heat exchangers. Huge amount of money can be saved here.

This is what must be expected to be provided by a consultant - being an expert in industrial heat recovery:


  • A small engineering package comprising the necessary special calculation using 10 - 15 hours.

  • In this package special calculations should be made of suitable typea of units for the particular task

  • Specifying all the thermal data and the geometrical details

  • In order to get an operational economical tool, submitting a price for budget purposes.

  • Drawings, strength calculation and other standard procedures might be done by yourself or by the consultant.

  • Optionally extension of the above package also to comprising drawings and strength calculations (preferable in a appropriate simulation program like Inventor - approx. 2 3 weeks engineering.

  • With these alternative solutions you will get sufficient material to proceed, and you will now be able to choose a preferred workshop to make the unit based on our calculation and guidelines.

  • If you find the budget price interesting, you can expect without any further charges, to get a formal commercial quotations carried out from potential suppliers.


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