Process Air Heaters            

Air Heating by Steam, Thermal Oil or Electrically


Process air heat exchangers are used in applications where you cannot afford to compromise, for instance industrial drying processes, reaction processes, preheating prior to combustions etc. 

High performances and high temperatures are required on compact units. This means high temperatures and high pressures. This is only possible with heat sources are steam, thermal fluid, pressurized hot water, electricity and combinations of these.


However it is not always high temperature, and sometimes process air need to be dried out, eliminating the moisture. This is done at low temperatures on dehumidifiers.

Common requirement for all process air heat exchangers reliability and low operation costs.

Detailed Technical Data (AB&CO Heaters & Boilers)


Link to AB&CO Process Air Heat Exchangers


The relevant features are obtained by selecting the correct type of heat exchanger /heater: 

  • Steam Air Heaters

  • Thermal Oil Air Heaters

  • Electrical Heaters

  • High Temperature Finned Tubes

  • Low Cost coils for low temperature applications

  • Thermal Process Air Dehumidifiers

  • Dry-Coolers (fan driven)


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