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Arvid Blom
Senior Consultant
Mech. Eng. (B.Sc.)
Dipl. Comm.

Skolelodden 21
DK-3450 Allerod 
Copenhagen, Denmark
T: +45 4810 7499
M: +45 2624 7599 
F: +45 4817 7699

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Short Introduction



Terms :
All the services that are being provided by AB&CO CONSULT are based on 'a fee by the hour'. The company does not offer components or any other physical items. Estimates however can be provided as a part of consultant service paid for.


Legal information :
AB&CO CONSULT Ltd. is a private owned company registered in Copenhagen, Denmark dated 26.02.2003 as ApS. (Ltd.) under reg. no. (VAT) DK 2703 8816. The company is controlled and represented by managing director Arvid Blom.